Poll Question: Which Embellished Thong Sandals Would You Wear?

I would like to make this article interactive by doing a quick survey on two beautiful spring sandals: the Ash Maia Beaded Suede Thong Sandals and the BGBGirls Uba Flats.

Ash Maia Suede Beaded Thong Sandals & BCBGirls Uba Flats

Both are embellished to the bone in metallic beads and studs; both have wide collars (otherwise known as ankle straps or ankle cuffs), a trend that seems to be pretty strong this spring, and both are thong sandals.

Let’s take a quick look at these two, shall we?

Ash Maia Beaded Suede Thong Sandals

Ash Maia Beaded Suede Thong Sandals, $195

The moment I saw the Maia sandals, I immediately thought of one word –  glamorous. It’s all about the gold factor; words like flashy, glitzy, and ostentatious also came to mind. But the simplicity and casualness of the shoe silhouette tones down the embellishments and makes the sandals very wearable.



If you look at it from another perspective, the embellishments are actually making the plain thong sandals look dressier than usual. So in a way, the combination (simple thong silhouette + gold embellishments) is creating an attractive balance.

BCBGirls Uba

BCBGirls Uba Flats, $90

The BCBGirls Uba is more subdued compared to the Ash Maia because of its use of silver instead of  gold.

However, its fully studded collar makes it a worthy opponent. If the Uba sandal was a lady, I would describe her as elegant and sophisticated; partially a minimalist, prefers the understated, but appreciates and understands luxury.



What I like most about the Uba is the braided front strap which holds  the collar and makes the T.


Now to get back to the question, which embellished thong sandals will it be for you? The Ash Maia or the BCBGirls Uba?

Are you the gold or the silver kind?

If I were to answer my own question, I would go for the Ash Maia. But I won’t tell you why to keep this survey fair and square.

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