7 Interesting Shoes You Can Wear For Fall

I was browsing through Shopbop’s latest inventory and  was immensely pleased with what I found – interesting and unusual shoes you can wear for fall (and maybe winter depending on where you live).

Some of these shoes are head turners while others are subtly quirky, but one thing is for sure, each one offers something unique, be it a tiny little detail or a pretty obvious one.

And because these shoes are designer pieces, best to make sure that wallet  of yours is fully stocked with bills (or that card fully open for credit) before deciding on a pair. After which, you can go ahead and enjoy shopping…

Maison Martin Margiela

Split Toe Booties and Flats

Split toe socks I’ve seen before. I’ve also seen it on Vibram Five Fingers shoes. But this is actually my first time to see split toe booties and flats. They’re definitely interesting, but what do you think? Love or Hate?

Maison Martin Margiela Tabi Round Heel Booties, $815; Maison Martin Margiela Split Toe Tabi Flats, $775

Alexander Wang

Notched Heel

So what do you think of these notched heel boots from Alexander Wang? I truly wonder how walking in it would feel like. Good thing the heels on these are short, if it were any higher, walking in it might be impossible…or maybe not

Alexander Wang Sigrid Over the Knee Boots with Notched Heel, $895

Loeffler Randall

Half Open-Half Closed

Definitely not for winter. But it is interesting. I think it would even look more interesting once it’s on the feet. It’s like looking at a person who is half man half woman. Sorry for the odd comparison. So, what do you think? Love or Hate?

Loeffler Randall Parker Open Toe Strappy Booties, $675

Maison Martin Margiela

Skirted Pumps

I’m not sure if I can wear this pair but it does look oddly interesting. What do you think? Would you wear it? In case you’re wondering, it is made of leather.

Maison Martin Margiela Open Toe Skirted Pumps, $700

LD Tuttle

Crocheted and Draped Booties

I actually find the Crocheted Booties more interesting. It’s the back part that did it for me. Between the two, which do you prefer?

LD Tuttle Sound Platform Booties, $816

LD Tuttle The Grid Draped Booties, $605

So, ready to make that purchase? Or simply not interested?

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