“Fabulous” JustFab Shoe Suggestions from the JustFabulous Style Experts

In light of the JustFab review we just published here on our blog, I thought that it’d be nice to feature some of the shoe selections that JustFab has picked for me for this month. Some of you may be wondering what kinds of shoes JustFab has, what styles are currently available, and I think most of all, just how accurate the JustFabulous Style Experts are in predicting what shoe and handbag styles you will like.

So let me start by revealing that the result I got from their Fashion Personality Quiz was “Fabulous”:

I think it’s a fairly accurate result, although I would prefer the adjectives “fierce” bordering on “quirky” over just plain ol’ “fabulous”. But it’s a good result and I wholeheartedly accept it.

The screenshot above also says that I’ll receive an email invitation within 24 to 48 hours, but I got it in much less time than that. I was minding the time after taking their fashion personality quiz because I admit, I was very much excited to see the kind of shoe styles JustFab has picked out for me and if I’ll like any of them.

So without further ado, here are the shoe styles handpicked for “Fabulous” me by the JustFabulous Style Experts for the month of February:

Ynez faux suede slouch boots

Fallon over the knee faux suede platform boots

Arielle peep toe buckle booties

Aurora patent platform pumps

Celeste peep toe platform pumps

So how well did they do this first time around?

Well, I have to rate them a 6 out of 10. I only liked half of the styles they selected for me. The plus 1 is for effort and for showing me these extra options that “almost made it” to my Boutique:

Bridgette strappy peep toe platform sandals

Kalista zip-up peep toe slingback clogs

Nicole cork wedges

Morgan ruffle peep toe platform pumps

Danica beaded ballet flats

This selection isn’t making me go crazy over what style I’d pick to buy, but as it is the first ever, I have to chalk it up to being new. JustFab and I are just “getting to know each other”, so I can’t expect them to immediately know what my shoe style preferences are.

There are ways to speed up the getting-to-know process of course and one of them is by simply rating the items they’ve selected for you. For example, I would rate the heel on the Danica beaded ballet flats as “Ooh I’m liking”, the color as “Perfection”, but the style as “You’re joking?” because my feet just cannot stand ballet flats.

You can also edit your style preferences in the My Account > My Profile > Edit style preferences tab where you can choose the shoe styles, bag styles, shoe colors, bag colors and heel heights that you really like. From there, JustFab can give you more refined selections which I’m hoping can only get better with each month.

So what result did you get in JustFab’s fashion personality quiz? Care to share your own JustFabulous Style Expert selections? Let us know if you liked or disliked any of your handpicked styles too!

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