5 Boho Inspired Espadrille Flats in Amazing Colors

Apart from boho influences, this season’s trends are also charged with a lot of inspiration from the 80s. One that reminds me so much of my childhood (ok, here goes my age) is the flat espadrille. My first pair was given to me by my mom. It was very simple, made of beige canvas. I don’t have that pair anymore, but I don’t think I’ll have a hard time looking for a replacement if I wanted one given how abundant flat espadrilles are at the moment.

Take note, key phrase being “if I wanted one”. Because to be honest, I would rather wear the wedge than the flat; though a part of me does feel that the flat ones will be refreshing to wear (not to mention, nostalgic and music fest worthy). I spotted these printed and colored flat espads while browsing Shopbop:

Elizabeth & James Niko Flat in Fuchsia Multi, $198

Tory Burch Flower Ballet Espadrille, $150

Juicy Couture Trail Slip On, $78

Diane Von Furstenberg Cadence Flat Espadrille, $98

Dolce Vita Tai Lace Up, $121

So what do you think? Can you see yourself wearing any of these shoes? The Elizabeth & James looks kinda cute. The Dolce Vita may be too boheme for me but perhaps if worn the right way, with the right pieces, it can look fabulous. Which among the five would you wear yourself? Or are you simply going to say “none of the above”?

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