The Special Shoe Kim Kardashian Designed Just for Kate Middleton’s 30th Birthday is Really Just an Old ShoeDazzle Shoe Style

Okay, so we know that Kim Kardashian doesn’t really design any of the shoes for ShoeDazzle. We suspect she’s the not one behind her style recommendations either but we accept that and are even OK with it — so long as we get to the shoes and get our shoe fix.

So when Kim Kardashian announced last week that she and the people at ShoeDazzle created a special shoe just for Kate Middleton’s 30th birthday (January 9), our instincts told us that they were just trying to profit from the high-profile occasion. Still, we were of course curious about the “special shoe” that Kim Kardashian “designed” just for Kate Middleton. And here it is, a quilted, platformed, stiletto-ed pump style named what else but ‘The Duchess’:

ShoeDazzle ‘The Duchess’ quilted platform pump, $39.95 / £39.95

So what do you think, are these shoes fit for a Duchess? Would you “feel like a princess” (as Kim Kardashian put it) in these? A better question is, do you feel like you’ve seen this style before?

If you answered “yes” to the last question, good eye — ‘The Duchess’ pump, the shoe Kim Kardashian specially designed just for Kate Middleton, is really just a recycled shoe style that ShoeDazzle already released sometime last fall.

In fact, we’ve even documented it here on YNS. You’ll see ‘The Duchess’ pump in our ShoeDazzle November 2011 showroom gallery except it’s not called ‘The Duchess’ — it’s named quite unroyally ‘Collins’. The description for it even says that it “channels Jackie O’s inimitable style”. But now that it’s crossed the pond, it’s already changed its moniker and now described as as a shoe that “channels the Duchess’s classic style”.

Nice try at sincerity Kim, but this is like getting caught regifting something. Except the item is a repackaged shoe style, the gift receiver is a respectable and well-liked British Royal, and the embarrassment from getting caught is at worldwide, international levels!

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