How to Subtly Clue that You Want Shoes for Valentine’s Day

If only being in a relationship also came with the power to read each other’s minds. We’re probably still light years away from that point in evolution but if all you want to do is to subtly let your special someone know that you want sexy new shoes for Valentine’s Day, then Heels‘ “clue ’em in” promotion has already got you covered.

When you spot a shoe you like at Heels, look for that little pink heart right under the “add to wishlist” button on that shoe’s product page. That’s the “clue ’em in” heart that will bring up this clue card when you click on it:

Fill it up with your sweetie’s name and email and sign it with your own name and email and Heels will do the rest of the cluing in job.

This Heels “clue ’em in” service is a more aggressive yet still subtle way of letting your cute but clueless S.O. know what you want. It’s only available until February 14, 2012 but we wish they’d keep it around even after Valentine’s because it’s such a nifty little device.

Use it while you can on sexy new shoes like these ones below! :

  1. Lovely People Lennon rosette-embellished ankle strap satin pump, $119.99
  2. Bebe Oasis rhinestone lattice cutout peep toe pump, $114.99
  3. Paris Hilton Selene chiffon ankle bow chiffon sandal, $94.99
  4. Badgley Mischka jeweled satin ankle strap sandal, $219.99
  5. Shoe Republic Alloy ankle strap suede pump, $59.99 (Sold Out)

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