Fill in the Blank: The ShoeDazzle ‘Jovanna’ Makes Me Wanna _____

Red may be the official color of Valentine’s Day but if you ask me, I think pink is the more romantic shade. Red embodies love’s sensual qualities like heat, passion and intensity while pink connotes the more tender qualities like delicateness, sweetness and softness.

That’s just me trying to explain why I’m drawn to the fuchsia pink color of this Jovanna multi-buckled stiletto platform bootie instead of its black  or neutral color which I would usually first go for. Now that it’s the month of February and Valentine’s Day is fast coming up, I find myself going for ultra-feminine shoes. Well, the metal stiletto and the multiple buckled straps going down the vamp and the back of the heel still make the ‘Jovanna’ fiesty-looking, but its barbie pink color is about as girly as you can get.

Well, this is about as girly as I would get. Let me know what levels of girlishness you are capable of by filling in the blank in this sentence: The ShoeDazzle ‘Jovanna’ makes me wanna _____.


Jovanna Booties ShoeDazzle

Jovanna Pink BootiesJovanna multi-buckled stiletto platform booties, $19.98-$39.95 at ShoeDazzle

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