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Would You Wear These Edgy (and Wedgy) Rock & Candy Fashion Sneakers?

Ok, I know, ‘wedgy’ isn’t exactly a word, but there are a lot of ways to describe these wild Rock & Candy wedge sneakers that may not really make sense. You could call them amazing or awesome, but some may call them confusing or a bit too crazy. Fashion sneakers are really hot this season, especially wedge ones, but the styles that I’ve preferred up to this point have a hidden wedge (think Isabel Marant & Nine West). That is why I am really excited to bring you these attention seekers.

Check out the ‘LuLu’ sneaker from Rock & Candy! Are you brave enough to wear these edgy wedge sneakers? If so, tell us how you’d style them (how to even wear them is an issue I can’t even begin to envision at the moment):

Rock & Candy LuLu in Grey, $84.99

Rock & Candy ‘LuLu’ in Black, $84.99

Rock & Candy ‘LuLu’ in Leopard, $84.99

Rock & Candy ‘LuLu’ in Chetx, $84.99

These sneakers have unfortunately sold out at Heels, but we hope they will get them back in stock!

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