Turn Your Feet Into a Garden with Sergio Rossi Chloris Orange Flower Canvas Sandals

Why stop and smell the flowers when they can be on the go with you, right on your feet?

Turn your tired tootsies into glorious gardens with this ‘Chloris’ sandal from the Sergio Rossi Spring/Summer 2012 collection:

Now that’s a shoe that will make you smile whenever you look down. How can it not with those leaf-like straps and colorful blooms? They even have a hint of sparkle from the beads and sequins. And whether you look at them from the outside or the inside, there’s a bright, beautiful flower to greet you every time:

Sergio Rossi ‘Chloris’ orange flower printed canvas sandal, $1,245.00

The one thing that might stop you from smiling is this sandal’s price. They’re listed at $1,245.00 and these aren’t even leather! They’re just printed canvas but then again, they do does possess a very unique design.

You know something that would make this non-leather canvas sandal seem a bit more worthy of its thousand-dollar price tag? If they had made it floral SCENTED, like how floral shoes for spring should be.

These Sergio Rossi sandals have a 4″ high stiletto heel. Have you found your next shoes?

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