B Brian Atwood? No, This Glitter-Soled Pump is Boutique 9!

B Brian Atwood has been focusing on the soles of his shoes lately and we here at YourNextShoes have definitely been noticing.

We were enamored by the studs on the bottom of the ‘Finvarra’ pump. The crystal-covered ‘Francoise’ pump has become on of our all-time favorites and we loved the glitter-soled ‘Fontanne’ pump so much that we went looking for a look-for-less version of it!

Well, actually, we ARE still looking for a look-for-less version for it and this time, we found one that has the similar posh and refined look (instead of the frosted glitter look).

Check out our find below. Think they’re B Brian Atwoods? That’s what we first thought too when we first laid eyes on them but they’re really from Boutique 9! :

Boutique 9 ‘Nixit’ peep toe pump in grey, $140.00

This Boutique 9 ‘Nixit’ is actually more of a cross between the ‘Francoise’ and the ‘Fontanne’ but really, the important thing here is that gorgeous glitter-covered sole. Can anything look more perfect? It also comes in this black suede color with a hint of purple in its glitter:

Boutique 9 ‘Nixit’ peep toe pump in black/black

Get the look of the B Brian Atwoods for less and check out these Boutique 9 ‘Nixit’ gli+tter-sole pumps at SaksFifthAvenue!

You’ll also find a snakeskin paneled version in purple and turquoise instead of the glitter at Amazon.

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