Are These Ruffled Flower Heel-Less Platforms On Point or Over the Top?

Y’know how I knew that there was something seriously questionable about these pair of shoes in today’s feature? When the first thing I noticed about them was how covered in flowers they are and NOT the fact that they don’t have any heels to speak of.

Having no heels is usually the focus of a heel-less shoe but on this platform I found at GoJane, it’s being used just like any shoe base. A stiletto. A mid-heel. A block column. To this platform, they’re all the same.

It could have Alexander McQueen’s giddyup horseshoe heel for all it cares because its main feature is really all those huge ruffly flowers.

Forget about trying to pair this platform with a cute outfit because it’s going to want ALL of the attention for itself:

Ruffled flower heel-less platform in fuchsia, $59.40

Apart from the heel-less style, the overly flowered design and the dizzying 6.5″ height, this platform’s colors are all BRIGHT (well, except for the black) :

Ruffled flower heel-less platform in orange

Ruffled flower heel-less platform in royal blue

Ruffled flower heel-less platform in black

So what’s your verdict on this ruffled flower heel-less platform, are they on point or over the top?

Check ‘em out at GoJane! They’re selling for $59.40 a pop.

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