Look Radiant with Crystal-Embellished ALDO Loann Pumps!

Glittering and sparkling (Swarovski-encrusted, rhinestone-embellished, etc.) are “the thing” these days, and shoemaker Aldo is certainly aware of that.

The Canadian retailer got on the brilliant bandwagon with its own version of shimmery heels that include this gorgeous pump:

Aldo LoannAldo Loann Pump in Black

Classic and modern at the same time, this pump comes in a traditional silhouette that’s made of satin. It has a concealed platform and a wrapped heel. Finishing off its design is the glittering array of crystals that bring this otherwise common pump to a whole new level.

Aldo Loann 2

Aldo Loann 3

It may not be as grandiose as the Steve Madden Dyvinal, but it is just as charming. Plus, it retails for only $119.95, which is lesser than others with similar designs.

There is also a red version available at the official Aldo website, which is equally tempting:

Aldo Loann Red

Aldo Loann Red 4

Aldo Loann Red 3

Aldo Loann Red 2Aldo Loann Pump in Red