Our Top 10 Fashion Blogger Shoe Posts for January 2013 — Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 of our top 10 shoe posts by fashion bloggers, below are the remaining 5.

Fashion bloggers always serve it up when it comes to chic everyday style, and we can’t wait to see who and what shoes will make it to our list next month! Do you know of a fashion blogger with an amazing shoe collection? Have you seen a picture of a stylin’ fashionista whose shoes you couldn’t stop looking at? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

6. Sishi Y. from Chengdu, China

All it took was this slightly grainy, far away shot of Sishi Y.’s Kiroic platforms-in-the-middle-only loafers for us to be completely blown away by them.

Searching for a similar style like Sishi’s? Head over to her blog at blog.sina.com.cn/ecrukuzu.

Sishi Y


7. Jonessa M. from Manila, Philippines

We love how the red suede and the tan tassels on Jonessa M.’s platform pumps mimic her lightened hair tips and red string necklace.

Jump over to Jonessa M.’s blog at scarlet-april.blogspot.com.

Jonessa M


8. Priscila R. from Brazil

Priscila R.’s punk-inspired getup with those head-turning zigzag-heeled red pumps from Savoir Faire inspires us.

Point your browser to Priscila R.’s place on the web at savoirmoda.blogspot.com.br.

Priscila R


9. K T R. from San Francisco, California

K T R.’s floral tunic and color-blocked pumps from Zara have got us yearning for spring.

Keep up with K T at KTRstyle.com.

K T R. from San Francisco


10. Mona T. from Singapore

A sheer top over an electric blue bra and those out-of-this-world Irregular Choice booties? You know it can only be singular, standout style for Mona T. from Singapore.

Check out more of Mona at monateosy.blogspot.sg.

Mona T