6 Seriously HOT ShoeDazzle Heels to Grab This February

By now, you should have already checked your ShoeDazzle showroom. And by now, you should have already purchased the hottest styles from the shoe club. Stocks are usually limited, so if and when you do find something that you like, best to grab it before it’s gone. If you haven’t browsed through their February styles yet due to a busy schedule, allow us to save you time with this quick run-through of what you MUST buy. Seriously, you can’t miss out on these heels. Otherwise, you’ll truly regret it.

1. Phylicia

Cutouts and sky-high heel-less wedges make the Phylicia a showstopper. And with its plush suede-like fiery red material, you could say that it’s a sure hit. Let the Phylicia be the focal point of your outfit by wearing it with a simple LBD.

shoedazzle phylicia2-vertPhylicia, $47.95

2. Fina

The Fina is seriously one fine stiletto. Studs, cutouts, and a color-block treatment keep this sandal unique, sexy, and edgy. It’s on-trend and perfectly affordable at $46.95, so how can you resist? You basically can’t!

shoedazzle fina-vertFina, $46.95

3. Margaret

The Margaret also comes in a black-and-white combi, but the multicolored version is just sublime. The paint splatter print makes it the perfect sandal for spring, while the touches of pink give the sexy strappy a girly girl flavor minus all the unnecessary frou frou. And hey, it’s just $42.95, so it’s a must-grab!

shoedazzle margaret-vertMargaret, $42.95

4. Nila

Isn’t the Nila very Giuseppe Zanotti-ish? The extreme silhouette makes it unmistakably so, don’t you think? However, ShoeDazzle‘s floral version definitely looks a lot more fun, yes? It’s very feminine, sweet, summery, and sexy. For the price of $47.95 (versus $750 for the real deal), we say it’s a steal!

shoedazzle nila-vertNila, $47.95

5. Brona

If it’s a go-to spring sandal you’re looking for, the Brona is IT. It’s neutral, tall, sexy, and absolutely versatile. You can wear it with practically anything (even a bikini), and it will flow. And did we mention it’s also very comfortable? Its actual heel height (heel height minus platform thickness) is just 3 inches. That’s peanuts if you’re a heel-holic; it’s like walking in flats!

shoedazzle brona2-vertBrona, $42.95

6. Corina

Another neutral for you to fall in love with. The heel-less Corina is modern and sophisticated as it is trendy and chic. If you’re bored with your usual pumps and you want to kick it up a notch, try the Corina instead. It retails just under $50, so don’t be shy to give this one a go.

shoedazzle corina-vertCorina, $49.95

Aren’t these heels to die for?

And they retail at can-get prices, so you can go on a shoe binge without feeling any of the guilt. Just imagine, a single pair of shoes from a high street label will cost you about $300. With that amount, you can already grab all six pairs from ShoeDazzle and still have some change left.

Not bad, right? It actually sounds pretty awesome. If you agree, head over to ShoeDazzle and shop away!

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