8 Wedge Sandals to Snag Right Now at ShoeDazzle!

We just love it when ShoeDazzle comes out with its new shoe offerings. This spring, its selections are filled with wedge sandals — the perfect footwear choice to wear this season. Walking in high heels all day long can be pretty tiring, not to mention unsafe for your ankles and feet. Wedges, on the other hand, are much more comfy; with the range of designs available on ShoeDazzle, aesthetics are never compromised, too.

Among the wonderful options we spotted there, these eight sandals are our faves. Check them out, and let us know which one would be your next shoes.

1. Maxi by Scene, $59.95

Maxi by Scene


2. ShoeDazzle Koriko, $42.95

Shoe Dazzle Koriko


3. ShoeDazzle Regina, $39.95

Shoe Dazzle Regina


4. Cedric by Michael Antonio, $59

Cedric by Michael Antonio


5. ShoeDazzle Merieke, $39.95

Shoe Dazzle Merieke


6. Bethenny by Scene, $47.95

Bethenny by Scene


7. Laney by Signature, $39.95

Laney by Signature


8. ShoeDazzle Zivana, $39.95

Shoe Dazzle Zivana


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