10 Spring Wedges That Fit Your Shopping Budget

What’s the one pair (of shoes) you should always have as soon as the weather warms up?

That’s right — wedge sandals, or what we’d like to call “spring wedges.” They’re perfect for walking around while staying tall, comfortable, and sexy. They go well with printed frocks. And if you must, you can even wear them to the beach (because they’re practically the only kind of heels that won’t get stuck in the sand).

If you’re a shoe fanatic, it’s likely that you will want more than just one pair of spring wedges. To be able to do that without going over your budget, you simply have to find sandals that are not only on trend, but easy on the pocket as well.

Now, guess where you can find such shoes.

Here’s your answer — JustFab! The members-only shoe site has launched a lot of wedge sandal styles this month, and each pair only retails at $39.95 so you can grab several without feeling the guilt or going beyond your (shopping) limit.

Here are 10 spring wedges you can start with. To order, simply head over to JustFab and create an account for free.

1. Tulum Sandals, $39.95 (available in brown and tan)

justfab tulum

2. Zuma Sandals, $39.95 (available in orange and brown)

justfab zuma

3. Cozumel Sandals, $39.95

justfab cozumel

4. Acapulco Sandals, $39.95 (available in yellow and coral)

justfab acapulco

5. Alana Sandals, $39.95 (available in black, fuchsia, and taupe)

justfab alana

6. Santos Sandals, $39.95 (available in black and tan)

justfab santos

7. Miami Sandals, $39.95 (available in coral, black, and seafoam)

justfab miami

8. Shanghai Sandals, $39.95 (available in nude and black)

justfab shanghai

9. Sonoma Sandals, $39.95 (available in red and black)

justfab sonoma

10. Carey Sandals, $39.95 (available in black, fuchsia, and orange)

justfab carey

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