The 10 Top Selling Shoes at ShoeDazzle – April 2013

We’re excited to present you this month’s top selling shoes at ShoeDazzle. In addition to stocking an incredible number of trendy shoes, we love how their prices are so reasonable!

Without further ado, let’s have a look at their 10 best sellers for the month of April. The most expensive costs $68, while the rest are below $50!

Tell us which of the following you would want to snag:

1. Martha Platform Sandals by Scene, $44.95

ShoeDazzle Martha by Scene

2. Lottie Platform Pumps by Scene, $46.95

ShoeDazzle Lottie by Scene

3. Skyla Wedge Sandals, $42.95

ShoeDazzle Skyla Wedges

4. Seven Platform Sandals by Beau + Ashe, $68

ShoeDazzle Seven by Beau + Ashe

5. Sherrylin Wedges, $42.95

ShoeDazzle Sherrylin Wedges

6. Calista Pumps by Madison, $47.95

ShoeDazzle Calista Pumps by Madison

7. Selia by Signature Pumps, $39.95

ShoeDazzle Selia by Signature Pumps

8. Alie Pumps by Scene, $48.95

ShoeDazzle Alie Pumps by Scene

9. Anjali Wedges, $42.95

ShoeDazzle Anjali Wedges

10. Admire by Madison Flats, $39.95

ShoeDazzle Admire by Madison Flats

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