7 Standout Sandals from ShoeDazzle

ShoeDazzle never disappoints. It just keeps getting better and better at what it does, continuously churning out (without fail) the best-looking heels in the shoe club arena. This month, it has outdone itself by offering an even more covet-worthy collection of sandals. This new batch is not only well curated but tasteful and very on-trend as well.

Now, enough of the chitchat, and let’s get down to business. Here are 7 standout sandals worth snagging over at ShoeDazzle. Which of these styles will be making its way to your closet?

1. Adalyn, $47.95

Why, hello there, Gucci look-alike. Yep, the Adalyn will definitely remind you of Gucci’s ultrapopular spring 2013 cuff sandals. This beauty can even pass off as premier, yes? It has a classy silhouette that is irresistibly sexy, exotic, and timeless. At an easy $47.95, how can you resist?

shoedazzle adalyn

shoedazzle adalyn 2

2. Audrianna, $39.95

Audrianna is the perfect pair of espadrilles to wear this summer. It’s fresh and undeniably chic. Just imagine the many outfits you can actually wear with this style. Plenty. Pretty plenty indeed. Audrianna retails at $39.95 and also comes in a blue paisley print.

shoedazzle audrianna

shoedazzle audrianna 2

3. Kendle, $45.95

Want a pair of head-turning wedges? Well, then take it to the next level with the Kendle. Yep, these wooden heel-less sandals sure look a bit dangerous, but we get the feeling walking in them might just be worth the risk. Kendle retails at $45.95 a pair.

shoedazzle kendle

shoedazzle kendle 2

4. Brooklyn, $54

Brooklyn is edgy, stunning, and sexy. It’s extremely versatile. The number of outfits you can work with it is practically limitless. It is slightly more expensive at $54, but we think you’ll get your money’s worth with it.

shoedazzle brooklyn 2

shoedazzle brooklyn

5. Dannie, $46.95

Dannie is a funky, fresh, and fun pair. We’re crazy about these sandals’ architectural heels. Best of all, we just love, love, love how they come in such a pale neutral hue mixed with a pop of bright green. If you want these sandals, they’re yours for an easy $46.95.

shoedazzle dannie 2

shoedazzle dannie

6. Lisbeth, $68

Lisbeth (in lilac) is an irresistible confection that speaks of some of this season’s top shoe trends — chunky Lucite heels, pastel shades, and metallics. You like? We love it, too. If you want Lisbeth, all you need is $68 to get a pair.

shoedazzle lisbeth

shoedazzle lisbeth 2

7. Dree, $44.95

Dree is Dannie’s little sister — just a tad funkier. It is slightly cheaper at $44.95 but can be just as irresistible. Would you grab a pair?

shoedazzle dree 2

shoedazzle dree

So, what do you think of these ShoeDazzle sandals? Which style do you like best? Which pair gives you the ultimate shoe-gasm? To order, simply head over to ShoeDazzle, sign up for free, and start shopping!

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