How to Wear Pink Shoes – 5 Ways Fashion Bloggers Style Them

Pink is the color of summer 2013, but some of us are struggling to break away from the classic blacks, whites, and nudes that we are all so comfortable with. Here are some bloggers to show you how to break out of that shoe comfort zone and rock this season’s hottest trend!

1. Paired with Prints

There is a saying that goes “go hard, or go home,” and this outfit fits the bill! Loud pink sandals are complemented by an equally loud print shirt. If you’re going for this look, make sure you stick to a print that features the same tone of pink as your shoes to avoid looking too garish.


meri_of_meri_wild_in_fleq_shoes1 Meri of Meri Wild in Fleq sandals

2. Neutral Tones

When you’re not quite ready to stand out too much yet, then a neutral color palette will keep you looking elegant and classy. An understated, paler pink will add to this effect beautifully.


mayo_of_mellow_mayo_in_valentino1 Mayo of Mellow Mayo in Valentino kitten heels

3. Match It Up

Accessorizing delicately with a belt, a bag, or sunglasses that color-match your pink shoes is an effortless way of appearing put-together and ready to face anything. This technique also allows you to work the pink shoe trend without drawing too much attention to your feet.


Jessica of Hapatime in Aldo pumps

4. Monochrome

On the other hand, if you wish to make your shoes stand out, then a monochromatic outfit will do just that. A black-and-white ensemble is both classic and on trend, and it allows your pink statement shoes to steal the show.


Ying of Wicked Ying in Fancyfeet wedge sandals

5. Dusty Pink

If you’re not loving the hot pinks or corals of the season, then try styling a muted pink. This look is chic, simple, and modest and can be worn by anyone.

michele_of_the_fashion_fraction_in_romwe Michelé of The Fashion Fraction in Romwe peep-toe pumps

Get the Look

So, you’ve seen how to style pink shoes; now, why don’t you give it a go? Here are some affordable pink shoes that will allow you to rock this hot trend:

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Jean-Michel Cazabat Wooster Wedge Sandals Jean-Michel Cazabat Wooster Wedge Sandals, $180

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