Rihanna Exudes Swag Even in Head-to-Toe Chanel

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Trust Rihanna to make even Chanel look like it’s got mad swag. Who else can make a prim and proper Chanel blazer and pleated skirt ensemble look like streetwear fashion? With the help of a chunky gold necklace, double brooches, and an oversized cuff, Rihanna made the head-to-toe Chanel outfit she wore on a recent Parisian shopping session all hers.

Rihanna shopping in ParisRihanna shopping in Paris, France on June 4, 2013

And when we said head-to-toe Chanel, we really mean head to toe. Rihanna had double Cs on the eyeglasses she had on her head, on all the accessories she wore on her body, down to the metallic gold creepers on her feet!

Rihanna Chanel gold creepersRihanna’s Chanel Resort 2013 creepers

You can’t quite see it in the closeup picture above, so here’s a picture of just the Chanel creepers with a better shot of the metal logo plates on the toes:

Chanel gold creepersChanel Resort 2013 Creepers

With these creepers, Rihanna rocked the sneaker trend, the punk trend, and the metallic trend all in one go. Right now, Rihanna seems to be the only one able to do that. And if it’s true that Chanel is thinking of collaborating on a jewelry line with her, we wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Photo Credit: WENN.com

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