“TaylorSays” Is Tattooed on Our Minds This Fall 2013

When it comes to signature soles, Mr. Christian Louboutin tops the list with his unmistakable red-bottomed shoes — that is, until Ms. Taylor Reeves (the woman behind up-and-coming footwear brand TaylorSays) came along. While red is a bright, recognizable color, the graphic, tattoo-like soles of TaylorSays can be spotted from more than a mile away. That’s exactly what we love about her shoes.

But that’s not all we adore about TaylorSays. The bold, edgy, and trendy styles that the brand releases every season are another reason we really dig its footwear. This fall, there are 32 more reasons to love TaylorSays. Its fall 2013 lookbook, aptly called “New Ink for Fall,” features the best and boldest in 32 designs.

Here’s a peek into some of the styles in the TaylorSays fall 2013 collection.

TaylorSays “New Ink for Fall” Fall 2013 Lookbook

TS Lookbook Falll13 Jane


TS JaneTaylorSays “Jane” Boots, 229.99 (available for pre-order)


TS Lookbook Fall13 Howdy


TS HowdyTaylorSays “Howdy” Boots, $179.99 (pre-order)


TS Lookbook Fall13 Anisa


TS AnisaTaylorSays “Anisa” Boots in Black, $199.99 (pre-order)


TS Lookbook Fall13 Rummy


TS RummyTaylorSays “Rummy” Pumps, $169.99 (pre-order)


TS Lookbook Fall13 Reva Orange


TS Reva OrangeTaylorSays “Reva” Peep-Toe Pumps in Orange, $129.99 (pre-order)


TS Lookbook Fall13 Reva


TS Lookbook Fall13 Sydney


TS SydneyTaylorSays “Sydney” Peep-Toe Pumps, $129.99 (pre-order)


TS Lookbook Fall13 Glenda


TS GlendaTaylorSays “Glenda” Slingbacks in Red, $129.99 (pre-order)


TS Lookbook Fall13 Lipstix leopard


TS Lipstix LeopardTaylorSays “Lipstix-Leopard” Mary Jane Pumps, $179.99 (pre-order)


TS Lookbook Fall13 Blondie Purple


TS Blondie PurpleTaylorSays “Blondie” in Purple, $159.99 (pre-order)


TS Lookbook Fall13 Rory


TS Rory GreenTaylorSays “Rory” in Teal, $199.99 (pre-order)


TS Rory YellowTaylorSays “Rory” in Mustard, $199.99 (pre-order)


TS Rory WhiteTaylorSays “Rory” in Gray, $199.99 (pre-order)


TS Lookbook Fall13 Iris


TS IrisTaylorSays “Iris” Heel-less Shoes, $199.99 (pre-order)

Well, we know what our favorites are. What are yours? The other designs from TaylorSays’ latest collection are available here.

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