Serena Williams Plays Tennis in High Heels and Fitted Skirt

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World No. 1 Serena Williams was up against host David Letterman in a tennis game outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City on Wednesday afternoon. It’s obvious who won, right? It must have been a fun match for the two!


Serena-Williams-plays-Tennis-with-David-LettermanSerena Williams playing tennis with David Letterman outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City on August 20, 2014

Tennis is Serena’s game, so playing it in heels and a fitted skirt was effortless for her. The 32-year-old professional tennis player wore a figure-hugging striped skirt and a crop tee that flaunted her beautifully toned abs! She styled the sexy outfit with gold jewelry, including oversized hoop earrings and a long chain necklace hidden under her top. She wore her curled locks down and opted for simple makeup with nude lips and dark lashes.

We love Serena on and off court! She always has her game face on when playing, but for red carpet events and interviews, she knows how to up her style game. She’s clearly one of the few fashionable tennis players of today!


Serena-Williams-Late-Show-with-David-Letterman-1Serena Williams outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman on August 20, 2014

We’re glad that the athlete’s heels didn’t break during her match with David Letterman. Those bamboo-like heels measuring about 4.15 inches were sturdy enough to keep Serena on her feet as she showed off her tennis skills. They look like a pair by Gucci, but they are actually by Balmain. Aside from the bamboo heels, the intricately woven cotton ropes make them one of a kind! These gladiator-inspired sandals are finished with leather trims, open toes, and back zipper fastenings.


Serena-Williams-Balmain-Rope-Sandals-1Serena Williams wearing Balmain sandals

These Balmain shoes will perfectly go together with miniskirts, shorts, and perhaps cropped pants, too. Check them out in black and in white versions:


Balmain-Braided-Rope-Sandals-1Balmain Braided Rope Sandals, $1,455

Balmain-Braided-Cotton-and-Leather-SandalsBalmain Braided Cotton and Leather Sandals, $1,455


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