3 Badass Yet Beribboned and Heart-Bedecked Alexander McQueen Shoes

When velvet ribbons, big bows and hearts are mentioned, these are NOT the shoes that first come to my mind. Trust Alexander McQueen to make even these sickly sweet embellishments look tough, cool and edgy! They’re actually even a little dark and romantic, almost a little gothic.

Alexander McQueen places a heart on a toe of black leather platform bootie that looks more in place on a biker babe than a girly girl’s shoe closet. The large bow-backed suede bootie is reminiscent of long sweeping gowns rather than frilly summer dresses. The velvet-ribboned sandal with swirly straps has a stunning avant garde look that’ll look best matched with unbalanced jackets or those hand-massaged organza dresses that were sent down the Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 runway.

Alexander McQueen’s aesthetic makes these 3 beribboned and heart-bedecked shoes still look badass. We found them at Neiman Marcus and Zappos:

1. Alexander McQueen heart toe boot

Alexander McQueen heart toe studded boot, $1,235.00 at Neiman Marcus and Zappos

2. Alexander McQueen bow back boot

Alexander-McQueen-grosgrain-bow-boot Alexander-McQueen-grosgrain-bow-boot-1 Alexander McQueen grosgrain bow boot, $1,195.00 at Neiman Marcus and Zappos

3. Alexander McQueen velvet bow sandal

Alexander McQueen nouveux bow sandal, $1,885.00 at Neiman Marcus and Zappos

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