5 of the Highest Heeled Shoes Ever Made – Would You Wear Them?

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If you think the shoes we often feature here on YNS are too high, well, we’re just about to go even higher. In fact, we’re going to the ultimate height because today, we’re featuring 5 of the highest heeled shoes ever made.

Ready to see if you could take ’em on and actually wear ’em? Oh well, hold your breath!

Careful not to trip because the heels on these ankle-breaking shoes go to double digits, with none going under 12 inches. Take a look:

5. Kronier Creations platform boots – 12 inches

Coming in at number 5 are these platform boot designs from Berlin-based label Kronier Creations. The height on their shoes actually vary from customer to customer and some could actually be higher than just *mere* 12 inches. The one pictured directly below are specially made for German fetish model Sinteque Berlin while the ones that follow are from the label’s futuristic, alien-inspired collection.

Kronier Creations 2008 special design for Sinteque Berlin

Alien-inspired Kronier Creations platform boots

4. Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 platform boots – 12 inches

At the number 4 spot is Alexander McQueen with his thigh high platform boots from Fall 2009. Heidi Klum wore these boots for an editorial photo shoot for German Vogue. Hmm, what is it with Germany and sky-high shoes?

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 RTW collection

3. Mihai Abu triple stacked wedges – 12.2 inches

Romanian shoemaker Mihai Abu rounds off the top 3. He enters the list with this very interesting and very high triple stacked wedge design. Right now, we only have heel height information on the wedges but if you take a look at the green and gold booties below, they actually seem higher. They’re most likely a whole lot more expensive too because the staggeringly high wedges are already priced at a steep Euro1,200 ($1,525).

12.2-inch Mihai Abu triple stacked wedge heels

Mihai Abu double booties

2. LadyBWear lace-up platform shoes – 16 inches

Coming in at number 2 are these vertiginous 16-inch platforms from LadyBWear Limited of Cheadle, Cheshire England. These used to hold the title of the highest heeled shoes commercially available (hence the Guiness World Records certificate below). When LadyBWear was still in business, you could order a pair of these for £725 or about $1,167.

LadyBWear platform boots

1. James Syiemiong platform boots – 20 inches

Indian designer James Syiemiong is the person who took away LadyBWear’s title with these impossibly high platform boots he made in 2004. Not only did he make these boots 20 inches high but he also made them in black leather, red leather and denim. Gotta love that he had the three ladies model them to show that they’re actually wearable but they do come with a health warning that says “the manufacturer of the shoe cannot be held responsible for any injury clients may sustain while wearing them.” Scary.

James Syiemiong and his record-holding 20-inch platform boots

Can you go THIS high, YNS readers? Please let us know your thoughts!

Credit: Telegraph India/James Syiemiong/Marcio Madeira/David Lynch/LadyBWear/Mihai Abu/Kronier Creations/Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse

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