What if You Could ONLY Have 5 Pairs of Shoes at Any Given Time?

My husband keeps on complaining that I have too many shoes. I seriously disagree with him. I would like to think the number of shoes I have fall within the average. Of course, for a guy like him, anything more than 10 would already be too many. That said, he actually asked me a question a few weeks back and it was quite a difficult one to answer. The question also pushed me to write this post. He asked me this – if you could only have 5 pairs of shoes at any given time, what or which will it be?

To shoe-holics like you, I’m sure this will pose quite a challenge. I myself had to think, and think, and think. I realize that each one of us may have a different response depending on the kind of work we do, or the lifestyle we lead, but personally, I wouldn’t be able to live without the following:

Comfy Flats

Yes, I’m quite petite, but that doesn’t mean my feet don’t get tired. Simply put, you need flats for days when you don’t want to dress up too much (or feel like you’re too cool to dress up); days when you just want to feel comfy and easy; days when you’re feeling laid back . In terms of color, I would go for white or nude.

Vera Wang Lavander Lillian Patent Ballet Flats in Latte, $195

Go-To Boots

I can’t afford not to have at least a pair of boots in my closet. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can actually do away with these shoes. I would personally favor a pair of black ankle boots simply because it is more versatile. In terms of heel height, I would go for something not too high so I could walk in ’em all day, but not too low either, just like this one:

ONE By Matisse Presley Outside Zip Boots in Black, $140

Heeled Strappies

If I could only have 5 shoes, I will at least need one pair of heeled sandals; one that’s versatile and easy to wear; one that can be dressed up or down; one I can wear from day to night. Again, nude is what I would go for.

Pour La Victoire Hiro Platform Sandals, $75 from $250

Classic Pumps

You can never have enough of classic pumps. If I could have them in every color, I would. But since this is a (hypothetical) challenge, I’d probably pick a black one to keep since most of the clothes in my closet are in this color

Pour La Victoire Veder Suede Pumps in Black, $295

Leather Thong Sandals

I can’t go without a pair of thongs, and I’m not talking about underwear. It’s comfy, it’s easy to wear, it’s flattering to the legs, and it’s perfect with maxi skirts and dresses – stuff that I love to wear during summer.

K. Jacques Cyrus Broad Thong Sandals, $224

There you have it, shoes I can’t live without if I had to pick only five (5). The products posted only serve as examples of course, but in case you want any of them, all five can be found at Shopbop. Now how about if I ask you the same question? If you could only have five (5) pairs of shoes at any given time, what or which would it be?

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