5 Shoes I Would Get If My Husband Were A Millionaire

Advertisements on the internet are practically invisible to me now. But yesterday, when the sight of the new fall 2011 shoes got me wishing particularly hard that I could afford every single shoe that my little heart could desire, I found myself gravitating towards an ad for a dating site for meeting millionaires.

It sounds so wrong and so “gold digger-ish” to wish to marry a millionaire just so I could buy all the shoes I want, but when choosing between practical buys and non-essential splurges is a constant dilemma, the thought can’t help but cross my mind. I also often think about becoming a millionaire myself but either way, it all boils down to one thing. And that thing is answering the question of what shoes I would get if money was not an option.

So what shoes would I buy? Not surprisingly, having a much wider selection and the option to ignore the price tag make narrowing down my choices exponentially harder. If we take out the likes of the Yves Saint Laurent Tributes, the Christian Louboutin Pigalles and the Manolo Blahnik Hangisis (y’know, the classics that moneyed women are expected to have), we are left with much more exciting and more blog-worthy choices.

So given that I already own the classics, here are the 5 shoes that I would get if my husband were a millionaire. Wait, no, correct that — here are the 5 shoes that I would get if I OR my husband were a millionaire:

1. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was the reason I got into fashion so of course, the first pair of shoes I would get if money wasn’t an option would be from him.

I would want the gold floral-engraved buckle leather boots from the Fall 2010 collection, the very last collection Alexander McQueen himself worked on before his death, but I would also settle for these Pre-Spring/Summer 2011 Samurai Scrimshaw Scale platform booties.

Alexander McQueen Samurai Scrimshaw Scale Platform Sandal Booties, $1,375.00 (Sold Out)

2. Givenchy

The shoes Givenchy comes out with season after season make my heart flutter. As long as Riccardo Tisci holds the head designer reins, Givenchy shoes make the top of my to-buy list.

Givenchy Megan Wedge Ankle Boots, $1,150.00 (Sold Out)

3. Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas Kirkwood is another shoe designer that has always gotten it right for me. I’d be spending money just to get a pair of the Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte Spring RTW 2010 Corroded Brass Pumps in my size, but I wouldn’t say no to these metal trim and net sandals if they were offered to me.

Nicholas Kirkwood 130MM Karung Metal Trim and Net Sandals, $1,830.40 (Sold Out)

4. Giuseppe Zanotti

Might as well satisfy my Giuseppe Zanotti craving when I have the money! I’d be getting one of his insanely sexy shoes like this black suede sandal with metal bead details.

Giuseppe Zanotti black suede jewel detail strappy zip sandals, $1,295.00, marked down to $1,036.00 (Sold Out)

5. Lanvin

Lastly, because I’ve been jonesing hard for these Lanvin puzzle wedges, I would be grabbing a pair of these the instant someone tells me that I don’t have to worry about the price.

Lanvin Puzzle patent wooden wedges, $1,330.20 (Sold Out)

I’d also probably be getting a bizarre, completely impractical shoe like the Charlotte Olympia Suede & Leather Fruit-Covered Pump just because I can. I’d also probably be collecting every crazy shoe design Christian Louboutin comes up with. But even if I had all the money in the world, I don’t think I would be able to find it in myself to plunk down the $230,000 for the “world’s most expensive shoes“. Even when they’re gold and diamond-encrusted, I still would like my shoes to be wearable and not something that I would just look at.

What shoes would you get if your husband were a millionaire or you became a millionaire yourself?

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