Is 6pm a Scam? 6 Things You Must Know Before Ordering

“Is 6pm a scam?”

We often come across this question online and as we have featured many a pair of shoes from this site here on our blog, we felt that we have the duty to explain a few things here.

First off, no, 6pm is definitely not a scam. It is a 100% legitimate store, but here are 6 things you should also be clear about the online discount site before jumping to conclusions and making any purchases:

Is 6pm a scam?

1. 6pm is owned by Zappos, which in turn is owned by Amazon.

You may already know that 6pm is the sister site of Zappos, which in turn is under Amazon. Both Zappos and Amazon are known for their amazing customer service, so it’s natural to assume that 6pm also treats their customers the same way.

While we’re not saying that 6pm has sub-par customer service, 6pm is first and foremost a discount site that is focused on pricing and offering items at really deep price cuts. So while 6pm carries many of the same exact items and will most often ship from the same warehouse as its parent company, there are some things that will differ because of their price-centered and not customer-centered market positioning.

2. 6pm does not accept exchanges.

Now let’s go into detail about 6pm’s return policy. It is only a return policy because 6pm does not accept exchanges. If that sounds preposterous, let’s go into further detail: what 6pm does instead of offering exchanges is refund your money for the purchase you don’t want, and allowing you to place an order again for the item that you do want. It’s actually a fair policy and you still end up getting what you want to purchase. You can read more about 6pm’s return policy here.

If you’re wondering why 6pm doesn’t just accept exchanges in the first place, it’s simply because it’s not something that they can readily offer. Given that majority of the inventory at 6pm consists of closeouts, discontinued stock, limited quantities, and hard-to-find styles and sizes, simply exchanging something for a different color, size, or even for the same exact shoe is a pretty tough thing to do.

So knowing that they’ll be letting down a lot of customers if they kept saying “sorry, we can’t exchange X item for Y item because it’s not available anymore,” they instead let you shop the site again and pick out what you want in place for that item. At least 6pm is sure that that item is on hand and they can very readily give that to you.

Happy shopper Alesha Dixon at the launch of Ireland's largest show department The Arnotts Shoe Garden in Arnotts, Dublin, Ireland on September 18, 2012Happy shopper Alesha Dixon at the launch of Ireland’s largest show department “The Arnotts Shoe Garden” in Arnotts, Dublin, Ireland on September 18, 2012

3. 6pm offers huge one-day sales almost everyday.

The early morning sales at 6pm is a well-known treasure trove for bargain hunters, but the keywords here are “one day.” So if you see something you like, we recommend that you place an order on it as soon as possible because chances are, it won’t be there anymore or won’t be at the same bargain basement price tomorrow.

4. 6pm does not price match.

Zappos removed their price protection policy three years ago, but some people are still unaware of this. To set the record straight, Zappos and, in relation, 6pm neither match the prices of competitor websites offering the same items at a lower price, nor do they make any price adjustments (reprice the item if it goes on sale on a competitor website, or on the site itself after you’ve already made your purchase).

5. 6pm does not sell fakes, defects or factory seconds.

6pm may sell discontinued products, old styles and clearance merchandise, but what they DON’T sell are fakes, defects, or factory seconds. The items you see on 6pm are the same original and authentic items you see or have seen on Zappos, only further discounted than Zappos is able to. Zappos also discounts items, but only up to a certain percentage. These items are eventually removed from Zappos and moved to 6pm.

6. 6pm does not include product reviews on their websites.

If you’ve already shopped at or browsed through the items at 6pm, you’ll notice that there aren’t any reviews posted for their products. This is actually one aspect of 6pm we’re iffy about because we need those reviews to help us with deciding over a purchase!

Thankfully, this is one problem that can easily be solved. All we gotta do is go to Zappos or Amazon and read the reviews there. As long as you understand and are aware of these things, 6pm is a great site to shop at, find bargains at, and to deal with.

Bottomline is be an informed consumer before you purchase.

If you need more info about 6pm, you can email their Customer Loyalty Team anytime at or give them a call between 6:00am-8:00pm PST at phone number 1-888-676-2660.

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