Shoes with Attached Socks Offender: Donald J Pliner ‘Nuria’

You may already be familiar with the Sanuk ‘Tube Flop’ that have socks attached to flip flops.

Sanuk Tube Flops SandalSanuk ‘Tube Flops’ Sandal, $15.97 – $29.00 at Amazon

Here’s another pair of shoes that come with attached socks – the ‘Nuria’ from Donald J Pliner. These have fancy crepe socks attached to high heel sandals.

Donald J Pliner NuriaDonald J Pliner ‘Nuria’

So basically, the Donald J Pliner ‘Nuria’ is like the evening version of the Sanuk ‘Tube Flop’ – made more formal by 4-inch high heels and the black crepe fabric.

But making these shoes more formal-looking doesn’t really make things better, does it? In fact, that might make these sandals an even worse offender. Even with the expensive crepe fabric and the super high heels, I really can’t overlook the fact that these are still shoes with socks attached to them:

Donald J Pliner Nuria top viewDonald J Pliner ‘Nuria’ top view

The sandal alone doesn’t really look that bad, I’ll give it that. I would even say that the scrunched up fabric strap is nice. But that sock?

I really don’t understand why designers keep insisting on making things like these. I know people lead fast-paced modern lifestyles now, but I don’t think we’ve gotten to the point where we don’t have the time to put on socks and shoes separately. I like to think that people are still sane enough to wear socks before putting on shoes and not wonder why someone doesn’t invent something that will let them wear shoes and socks all at once.

I also like to think that people are with me in thinking that $350.00 for these Donald J Pliner ‘Nuria’ socks with sandals is too much.

Donald J Pliner actually has a pair of evening sandals that look just as nice at a lower price:

Donald J Pliner JinnyDonald J Pliner ‘Jinny’, $138.50

And if you really must wear socks with them, there are plenty of dress socks for under 50 dollars.

Buying the Donald J Pliner ‘Jinny’ sandals and a pair of socks would still be 160 dollars less than buying the Donald J Pliner ‘Nuria’ sandals. So why must we buy shoes that come with attached socks again?

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