Blink ‘Nicolet’ Vs. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Dauphine’ Studded Flat

We hadn’t planned on today being flat-filled Sunday here on Your Next Shoes but it’s turned out to be! Maybe why we’re inexplicably attracted to flats now is our subconscious telling us that we should give our feet a break from all those high heels? We do give ourselves a break from work over the weekend so why not extend the same courtesy to our feet.

These flats in our Sunday Shoe-Down are the “stumpifying” ones but they do have a pared down Valentino studded flat-ish appeal to them. While the Valentino flats have spiked studs and pointy toes, these have dome-like circle studs and rounded toes.

They’re also amazingly and uncannily similar; if you stumbled upon these while shopping like we did, we bet you’d also think you had come across the same shoe twice.

Check out these Blink ‘Nicolet’ studded bow ballet flats in praline multi patent first:

Blink ‘Nicolet’ studded bow ballet flat in praline multi patent, $49.99

Then check out these Jeffrey Campbell ‘Dauphine’ studded bow ballet flats:

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Dauphine’ studded bow ballet flat in nude/black patent, $149.95

It’s also weird how they’re priced at $49.99 and $149.95. At first glance, you’d think they mistakenly listed the same shoe twice and accidentally added a “1” to the price on the second listing.

Even their other colors are almost exactly the same shade — here are the red ones:

Blink ‘Nicolet’  in ruby multi patent and Jeffrey Campbell ‘Dauphine’ in red croco

So in this shoe-down, which would you go for — the $49.99 ones from Blink or the $149.95 ones from Jeffrey Campbell?

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