Carbon Copy: The Sole Boutique Carmine and Michael Antonio Carmine

Do any of you have a clue whether Michael Antonio and Sole Boutique are owned by the same company? Here’s the reason why we’re asking this question – the Carmine (as seen below). Granted, it is not exactly the best looking shoe in the world; in fact, you could say it’s a questionable rendition of McQueen’s 3D Flower Wedges, but what makes us ultimately curious is how it has managed to associate itself with two brands. Both Michael Antonio and Sole Boutique call it Carmine, both sell it at $115 a pair, and both look EXACTLY alike:

Sole Boutique Carmine Wedge vs. Michael Antonio Carmine Wedge

We did our research and so far, we found no evidence that would suggest a connection between the two brands. If they are indeed related, then this is probably just a case of re-branding. Now if they aren’t, then there are two likely reasons why this is happening – either they got it from the same supplier, OR, one brand actually supplies the other with shoes and allows them to re-brand it. In a way, it’s a good thing that both brands priced it at the same amount, otherwise, knowing that you bought the more expensive one will probably ruin your day once you find out there is  a cheaper alternative.

Sole Boutique Carmine vs. Michael Antonio Carmine

That said, there is a minor difference in the color offering. While the Sole Boutique Carmine is available in Tan and Red, the Michael Antonio Carmine comes in Black and Tan. Whichever you’re going to pick, we think it actually won’t matter given the duplicity. But perhaps the bottom line is really as to whether you will want to buy the shoe. So CAN you appreciate the appearance of the Carmine, with its mary jane silhouette, floral applique, and gold detailed stacked wedge? Can you?

Sole Boutique Carmine in Red and Michael Antonio Carmine in Black

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