Question: Charlotte Olympia Cat-Face Pumps, Would You Wear ‘Em?

Let’s deviate from the usual and have a little fun, shall we? I found these Charlotte Olympia pumps while browsing through Neiman Marcus today. These shoes are definitely a little out of this world, though I’m actually not surprised that it’s coming from Charlotte Olympia. Remember the fruit detailed pumps she released a few months ago?

Well, for her pre-fall collection , it’s not about fruits, but it’s all about cats! Yup, cats; well, cat faces to be exact. Check out these cat-faced pumps and wedges from the designer. Tell me, would you wear these?

Charlotte Olympia Cat-Face Ankle Strap Wedges

Charlotte Olympia Cat-Face Ankle Strap Wedges, $895

Charlotte Olympia Cat Faced Fabric Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Cat Faced Fabric Pumps, $800

It’s interesting because when I saw these, I had a funny thought it my head. You could put these next to Marc Jacob’s popular Mouse Ballerina Flats and you’d have yourself a Cat and Mouse duo, ala Tom and Jerry! Oh well, it’s just a funny thought.

Now if you happen to love its quirky appeal, then by all means, head over to Neiman Marcus and splurge away.

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