Designer Shoe Battle: Christian Louboutin Daffodile Platform Pump vs. Prada Platform Pump

Just thought it would be fun to have a little contest today. Two big names with two super platform pumps – Christian Louboutin and Prada.

Ok, I’m sure you all know that Loubi’s best seller at the moment is his Daffodile. It comes in many variations, but let’s focus on the most coveted – the classic black, with its 2 inch thick platform and 6.3 inches (or 160mm) worth of sky high heels.

Then let’s put a worthy contender next to it – the Prada Platform Pump. In case you haven’t seen this one at SAKS yet, it actually looks covetable. It has the same platform thickness as the Daffodile (2 inches), also has a pointed toe, comes in patent black, but the heel is slightly shorter, running at 5.75 inches (or 145mm):

Christian Louboutin Daffodile Platform Pump, $995 vs. Prada Platform Pump, $720

Obviously, the two do have their differences.  For one, the Louboutin comes with a hidden platform whereas Prada’s is exposed but covered. It is also worth noting that Loubi’s Daffodile toe is much narrower and lowered than the Prada’s. Also, the heels look different.  Last of the differences is the price. The Louboutins will cost you almost $1000 while the Prada will set you back a lower $720.

Despite these differences, however, both pumps will give you the same function, almost the same height, and probably similar appeal. Now my question is, if you had the money to buy any of these shoes, which would  it be, the Christian Louboutin or the Prada?

Whichever you decide on, do know that both pumps can be found at  SAKS.

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