The United Nude Crazy Lacy Booties – Covered with Shoe Laces

Are you the type who goes for funky footwear? Do you get turned on by weird looking shoes? Then maybe you’ll enjoy this new one from United Nude – meet the Crazy Lacy. Basically, the Crazy Lacy is what it says it is – a bootie that’s covered with shoe laces all over! Check it out to appreciate:

 United Nude Crazy Lacy Dark Side

United Nude Crazy Lacy DarkUnited Nude Crazy Lacy Booties, $449.95

It is a little over-the-top, isn’t it? Though you could say the name definitely fits the bill. Of course, leave it to United Nude to put a whole new meaning to the words “sporty bootie”.

The shoes come with 5-inch heels and platforms that are only 0.5-inch thick so it will be a tad steep to walk in. If you think rocking a pair is a good idea, just head over to Solestruck and make a purchase!

In case you’re interested, there is also a more catchy Yellow-Blue-Coral version available. Take a look:

Royal Blue Rugged LeatherIn Royal Blue Combi

Now if the Crazy Lacy isn’t funky enough for you, simply visit Solestruck. They’ve got the most forward looking footwear you can find over there. Their virtual shelves are saturated with it and all you have to do is pick one that suits your fancy. Enjoy!

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