The Difference Between Leopard Print and Cheetah Print

In our shoe-chronicling duties, we often come across animal print shoes that are mislabeled as leopard print or as cheetah print. We admit that we’d made the same mistake in the past but because we want to be as accurate as we can in describing the shoes we feature here on our blog, we made the effort to research the difference between the two.

A few keywords typed into Google brought us to the differentiating-dedicated website Difference Between, which discusses the difference between a leopard and a cheetah, as in the actual animals. It’s educational but a lot more info than we needed. Nevertheless, we eventually got what we came for.

So let’s help set this straight this once and for all. What’s the difference between a leopard print and cheetah print?

A leopard print has rosette-shaped spots with a black blots encircling a darker shade of the golden yellow background.

In shoes, sizes, shapes and colors vary greatly but a leopard print basically looks like the print on this calf hair pointed toe pump from Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump ‘Indicon’ Pointed Toe Pumps, $130.00

A cheetah print on the other hand is composed of solid black spots. It doesn’t have rosettes like the leopard print. You can also think of the cheetah print as the leopard print minus the darker yellow core.

Here’s an example of a cheetah print shoe, brought to us by Nine West.

Nine West ‘Flax’ Pointed Toe Pumps, $35.75 – $138.00 at Amazon

Just a little shoe print trivia, courtesy of us here at YNS!

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