Dolce Vita Sali Suede Crisscross Strap Gold-Striped Platform Sandals

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of knockoffs look-for-less options to many of our all-time favorite shoe features here on Your Next Shoes. Some styles (like the Prada Creepers) got copied right away, but the general consensus seems to be that designer shoes released for the spring/summer get their low-cost alternatives in the early fall.

Anyway, with the plethora of lookalikes to choose from right now, I just had to write about this one first and foremost. One reason is because so many of us fell in love at first sight with these when we spotted them on Rachel Zoe and two, because they’re just a great-looking pair of sandals period:

Dolce Vita Sali suede platform sandals in magenta

Dolce Vita Sali suede platform sandals in black

Yowza! Now how’s THAT for a look-for-less option to the Casadei cross over calfskin sandal? The Casadeis were leather and wood but Dolce Vita wisely constructed theirs entirely out of suede to make ’em more appropriate for fall.

And the heel and the platform? Still untouched at a challenging 5 1/2″ and 1 3/4″. The only major changes Dolce Vita did are to add a zip back and more crisscross straps but everything is still as stunning as it was.

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