Would You Walk in These Ice Skate – Inspired Shoes from DSQUARED2?

Since we’re all about shoes here, why not cover ice skate inspired shoes?

Yes, you heard that right, ice skate – inspired; NOT ice skates. The same brand who brought us those skeleton heels last year have now come up with an even crazier design – meet the DSQUARED2 Pump Milly Abrasivato. It’s a pair that features blade-like details at the bottom. The shoes are pretty normal looking – oxfords with perforated accents, hidden platforms of about 2.5 inches thick, lace-up closures, and heels that run high at 6.5 inches.

What is insane is the construction attached to the base – marked blades very similar to the ones used on ice skates, except that you CAN’T skate in these. Instead, you’re supposed to WALK in them:

DSQUARED Pump Milly Abrasivato Oxfords, $1486 (Sold Out)

Hmmm…I wonder how a pair would actually feel. Would it be stable enough? Or will you simply slide away?  So, seeing how you’re supposed to actually walk in these heels, do you think you can (walk) for a whole day if a pair was given to you? Or will you opt to pass and leave the wearing to Lady Gaga?

A pair will cost you $1486! I know, it sounds utterly funny and ridiculous, but that’s basically how much it will cost to wear this mad footwear. In fact, if you’re even remotely interested, you can also check out the boot versions of this style:

DSQUARED2 Calf Laced Low Boot, $1825 (Sold Out)

DSQUARED2 Calf Laced High Boot, $2360 (Sold Out)

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