Floggs Revive the Shoes of the Hippie Chic — Clogs!

It seems that clogs have gotten a little backtracked in terms of style. When Sarah Jessica Parker and Chloe Sevigny were spotted in New York City in a pair of clogs, it wasn’t exactly a shining moment for the wooden footwear.

Chloe Sevigny FashionChloe Sevigny and Sarah Jessica Parker spotted in New York City last month sporting not so flattering clogs

Matched with cropped denims and jackets, on both of these regularly fashionable actresses, clogs looked hideous. They’re not the pretty kind of clunky shoes, and on Parker’s, they even came across as granny-like!

Still, we’re hoping that Coachella this weekend will rename clogs as the shoes of the hippie chic. After all, there are beautiful exceptions to this recent public image of clogs — like Floggs. Floggs are recently gaining popularity because of their chic clog designs. The idea behind the name (flip flops + clogs) shows that the brand is concentrated not only on style but also on comfort. A comfortable pair of heels is always a huge plus!

Wear Floggs_Facebook

Wear Floggs_Facebook_2

Here are the gorgeous Floggs we found at Shopbop.

Flogg Rainbow Metallic Clog SandalsRainbow Metallic Clog Sandals, $149

Flogg Rainbow Platform Clog SandalsRainbow Platform Clog Sandals, $149

Flogg Rexfort Metallic Platform Clog SandalsRexfort Metallic Platform Clog Sandals, $149

Flogg Rexfort Two Band Platform Clog SandalsRexfort Two-Band Platform Clog Sandals, $149

Flogg Cassie Metallic Platform Clog SandalsCassie Metallic Platform Clog Sandals, $134

Flogg Cassie Platform Clog SandalsCassie Platform Clog Sandals, $134


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