Folded Kilties on 5 Shoes — Who Has the Best Design?

The high-heeled loafer seems to be one trend that always comes back in fashion every fall. Well, it was a trend the year before and judging by number loafers among new shoe arrivals, it’s going to be big this year too.

Though one thing I did notice about the loafers this year is that plenty of them are sporting one specific style: a folded kiltie. Actually, some of the loafers are more of pumps and booties rather than the typical slip-on moc type, but let’s just look at the kiltie here. Isn’t it strange for all of these shoes to have the same embellishment styled in almost the exact same way?

Check out the uncanny resemblances on these 5 shoes from 5 different luxury shoe brands below.

Who do you think has the best folded kiltie design? Is it…

1. Chloe?

Chloe metal-tipped kiltie high heel loafer, $694.00

2. Tabitha Simmons?

Tabitha Simmons ‘Nessy’ bootie, $1,181.00

3. Pollini?

Pollini glitter platform pump, $652.00

4. McQ?

McQ by Alexander McQueen kiltie bootie, $475.00

5. Marni?

Marni folded kiltie high heel loafer, $514.00

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