Giuseppe Zanotti Exaggerates His Platforms

So what is up with designer brands these days? It seems every single label is offering at least one pair of extremely thick and high platforms. For example, Giuseppe Zanotti, who is very much known for his beautiful and sexy heels, has released a pair of exaggerated wooden clogs for his Spring 2011 Collection. Take a look:

Without the label, you wouldn’t even think this one’s from Zanotti, would you? It so not Zanotti, right? It’s like seeing those Christian Louboutin Super Dombasie Platforms all over again…

Now in case you’re wondering how thick the platforms are, it’s 2.75 inches! Now that’s what you’d call some seriously big time PLATFORMS. The carved wooden heels are about 5.5 inches high so technically, you’ll be walking on a comfortable 2.75 inches…not bad actually, it’s just that the platforms are way overpowering, especially if your feet are tiny.

Giuseppe Zanotti E10225 Slides, $650

Anyway, let’s not be too judgmental. There’s a reason why these brands are getting on the extremely thick bandwagon. Most likely, it’s “peer pressure”. Well, more like the pressure to “go with the flow” because everybody else is doing the same. Only one man would defy such a trend by the way, and that would be Blahnik. You’ll never see him release a pair that isn’t slim and sexy (although the man does have a tendency to create pieces that look old-fashioned every  now and then).

Now back to the Zanottis, do you think you can rock ’em platforms? Or would you rather stick to your slim heels? For what it’s worth, you might be able to pull these off with the right pieces of clothing.  After all, it’s all about styling. Now if you want it, a pair will cost you $650 at Zappos. Enjoy your purchase!

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