The Uncharacteristically Golden, Glittery and Girly Buckled Chunky Heel Sandals from Givenchy

Givenchy has always been a tough, edgy and attitude-heavy label for me so to see this sandal among their new arrivals comes as a big surprise. Not only is it fully covered in gold glitter but it is also quite girly for Givenchy.

Anyone else reminded of the very feminine Miu Miu glitter and suede ankle boot when looking at this?:

Givenchy buckled chunky heel glitter sandals, $880.00

I’m diggin’ the shoe as is but I still can’t believe it’s from Givenchy. The suddenly bright, sparkly and, well, happy design is so unexpected. And this is from the same label that just brought us snarling rottweilers, black panthers and sharp sharks teeth in their recent Fall 2011 menswear and Spring 2012 women’s wear collections! This feels like a complete turnaround for Givenchy and I’m not sure if I’m 100% loving it.

I just had to look for other versions of the buckled chunky heel glitter sandals and finding these more Givenchy-like all-black versions made me heave a sigh of relief:

Givenchy buckled black leather sandals, $880.00

Givenchy Vittorias biker heels, $990.00

No, Givenchy hasn’t gone soft yet. It’s still the fierce designer label that I know and love.

Shop for Givenchy buckled chunky heel glitter sandals at Bergdorf Goodman. You can find the smooth black leather version at Net-A-Porter and the pebbled black leather at Ssense.

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