Invisible Shoes: Fashion Footwear from the Freaky Future

How’s this for your next pair of shoes? The invisible shoes! Take a  look closely:

If you don’t get conversations started while you have these on, then I don’t know what will.

These invisible shoes are technically wedge ankle booties. The mirrors on them reflect the shoe’s surrounding area, thereby camouflaging itself and making itself “invisible”:

These mirrored booties are part of a line of concept shoes by Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves, who says that living in the very busy metropolis of Sao Paolo has inspired her to see order amidst chaos (or something like that). Her footwear line includes a pair that looks like shredded paper, one with extended velcro straps, and one with small wooden cubes for heels — all guaranteed to make you stare and gaze in awe – or maybe just scratch your head.

As of writing, invisible shoes remain a design concept. How they’re going to make this acceptable to other people other than Lady Gaga is a big question, and how they’re going to make it comfortable to wear is an even bigger mystery. Perhaps the shoes are lined with fur and clouds and teddy bears, but judging from the top of the booties in the pictures, the insides just look like gaping, empty black holes.

The closest we’ve got to invisible shoes are clear shoes. No, not lucite stripper heels (that’s for another blog post), just clear shoes like this one:

Touch Ups by Benjamin Walk CinderellaTouch Ups by Benjamin Walk Cinderella, $58.99

These look like they’ll disappear on your feet, excellent for freaking people out.

We also have clear sneaker choices, such as this pair from Converse:

Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Clear Ox (Sold Out)

But the ultimate invisible shoes so far are these, a pair that you just basically stick on to the soles of your feet:

Look man, no tan lines!

If they find a way to mass produce those invisible mirrored booties, then short skirts better not be its accompanying trend.

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