Sunday Shoe Showdown: Jimmy Choo Magnum Sandals Vs. Promiscuous Quiana Sandals

Trust Jimmy Choo to make us love the combination of neon with snakeskin.

Neon and snakeskin?

It already seems wrong when you look at it in writing.

It’s doubtful in theory but in actuality, it’s not the terrible 80s horror show that first comes to mind.

It’s this fun and funky Jimmy Choo Magnum sandal that first stole hearts (and eventually drained many a wallet’s contents) when it debuted with the rest of the Jimmy Choo Resort 2011 collection sometime in June of last year:

Jimmy Choo Animal Magnum SandalsJimmy Choo Magnum sandals in green

Jimmy Choo Pink Snake & Mesh BootieJimmy Choo Magnum sandals in pink

Now, to make this a Sunday Shoe Showdown, we gotta have something to pit against these Jimmy Choos. And from the “Promiscuous – New Styles – August 2011” album on our Facebook page comes this worthy contender, the Quiana sandal.

Promiscuous wasn’t as confident about the neon colors so they did away with that and replaced them with these moss green and pinkish red colors:

Promiscuous Quiana sandals in green

Promiscuous Quiana sandals in red

Do you think that was a good idea or do you think this look-for-less option should’ve retained the neon colors instead?

The Jimmy Choo Magnum sandals are now sold out but the Promiscuous Quiana sandals are new arrivals and are available at Zappos for $69.00.

They also come in these neutral beige, taupe and black colors and this purple color which seems like a fun pair to wear:

Promiscuous Quiana sandals in purple

Promiscuous Quiana sandals in beige

Promiscuous Quiana sandals in taupe

Promiscuous Quiana sandals in black

So who wins it for you in this showdown — the original Jimmy Choos or the lookalike Promiscious?

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