Kate Bosworth Gets a Kiss From Hayden Christensen Backstage on “Extra” in Nicholas Kirkwood

Before fans get rabid, we are happy to announce that both Kate Bosworth and Hayden Christensen are still happily committed to their respective partners, Michael Polish and Rachel Bilson. However, that didn’t stop us from admiring two very fine specimens exchanging a friendly hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

Kate Bosworth is currently promoting her latest film, 90 Minutes in Heaven, in which she plays the wife of Christensen. The two were photographed greeting each other backstage before going on air for Extra.

Kate Bosworth Nicholas Kirkwood Extra 1

Kate Bosworth Nicholas Kirkwood Extra 2

90 Minutes in Heaven is a film based on a true story about about a husband (played by Christensen) who died in a car accident, but was miraculously revived and restored to good health after much faith and prayers.

Kate injected a bit of her style into her Preen top and skirt by donning a pair of ombré-heeled Nicholas Kirkwood “Carnaby” pumps to go with them. Her choice of footwear for Extra looks a bit like one of her designs for her Matisse collection.

Kate Bosworth Nicholas Kirkwood Extra 3

Kate Bosworth Nicholas Kirkwood Extra 4

Kate Bosworth Nicholas Kirkwood Extra 5

Kate Bosworth Nicholas Kirkwood Extra 6Kate Bosworth is joined by Hayden Christensen on ‘Extra’ at the Universal City Walk in Los Angeles on August 27, 2015

Kate Bosworth talks about her character Eva Piper on her latest film, ’90 Minutes in Heaven’

Kate Bosworth had her pair custom-made (because she’s Kate Bosworth) but you can check out similar ones from Nicholas Kirkwood below:

Nicholas Kirkwood Carnaby Mary JaneNicholas Kirkwood “Carnaby” Mary Jane Heel, $995

Nicholas Kirkwood Carnaby PrismNicholas Kirkwood “Carnaby” Prism Suede Pumps, $725

Nicholas Kirkwood Carnaby Suede AnkleNicholas Kirkwood “Carnaby” Suede Ankle Boot, $1,195

Credit: Latest Movie Trailers' Youtube / Screen Slam's Youtube / Michael Wright / WENN
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