Mara & Mine “Jem Skull” Slippers: The Skeletons in Fashion-Loving Celebrities’ Closets

One by one, celebrities are starting to reveal the skeletons they’ve got in their (shoe) closets: the Mara & Mine “Jem Skull” slippers, which are really nothing to be ashamed about at all.

It’s the complete opposite, in fact; owning a pair of the hot-to-have Mara & Mine slippers makes one the object of envy. Proud owners include Abbey Lee Kershaw and Julianne Hough, who have taken to Twitter to show off what they call their latest shoe obsession.

Abbey Lee Kershaw Mara and Mine skeleton slippersAustralian model Abbey Lee Kershaw in her Mara & Mine skeleton slippers

Julianne Hough Mara and Mine skeleton slippersJulianne Hough showing off on Instagram the Mara & Mine skeleton slippers she wore on a flight to London on May 17, 2013

Most recently spotted sporting the skeleton slippers is model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne.

Cara Delevingne in Chelsea LondonCara Delevingne seen out and about in Chelsea, London on June 12, 2013

It’s amazing how Mara & Mine designers Tamara Ingham and Jasmine Yarbrough were able to turn skeletons — a very much overused and abused fashion design element — into something fresh, highly coveted, and distinctly recognizable once again.

These Mara & Mine Jem Skull slippers feature skeleton embroidery that make the wearer’s feet look as if they’re being x-rayed.

Mara and Mine Jem Skull SlippersMara & Mine “Jem Skull” Slippers, $350

As expected, these are sold out everywhere. If you can wait, Mara & Mine are fast working on having the next shipment available by the end of July.

While waiting, check out these other Mara & Mine shoes that feature more of the designers’ reinterpretation of skeletons:

Mara and Mine Montana Skull Hand SandalsMara & Mine “Montana Skull Hand” Sandals, $480

Mara and Mine Sophie Spine SandalsMara & Mine “Sophie Spine” Sandals, $480

Now, who wouldn’t want skeletons in their closets when they’re as fashionable as these?

Credit: Post+Beam's Twitter, Julianne Hough's Instagram, WENN

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