The Barely-There Michael Antonio ‘Luelle’ Two-Strap Sandals

Like the Gucci ‘Kelis’ sandal, this Michael Antonio ‘Luelle’ sandal shows that sometimes, simplest is best.

The entirety of this sandal is composed of only two barely-there straps but this is actually one of the top bestselling sandal styles right now at Amazon:

Michael Antonio ‘Luelle’ two-strap sandals in gold

So minimalistic, so simple and yet, those are the very things that many women find sexy about this sandal.

There really are only two slim straps making up this sandal but tell me, do you think that makes these Michael Antonio ‘Luelle’ two-strap sandals BEAUTIFUL or BLAND?

I feel like this barely-there style requires you to have beautiful, flawless feet. Because there really is no hiding behind those two straps — your whole feet are on display for the world to see!

Another issue I have with this type of sandal is that if one of the straps break, that’s it, you’ll be limping your way back home. But with a retail price of only $18.00 to $39.33, I guess you can afford to purchase a replacement or purchase all of these other colors if you really wanted to:

Michael Antonio ‘Luelle’ two-strap sandals in silver

Michael Antonio ‘Luelle’ two-strap sandals in black

At the very least, these barely-there sandals would be a nice pair to have when you can’t seem to match anything with what you’re wearing.

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