The Moschino Cheap & Chic ‘Utensil’ Sandal Puts Forks on Your Feet

Here’s something for those of you who like their shoes a little on the weird side: the ‘Utensil’ sandal from Moschino Cheap & Chic (which actually isn’t all that cheap but we’ll get to that later) :

Cheap & Chic 'Utensil' Sandal Back

Cheap & Chic 'Utensil' Sandal Top

Cheap & Chic 'Utensil' SandalMoschino Cheap & Chic ‘Utensil’ sandal, $375.00

Such a quirky fork design but since the rest of it is just a simple thong sandal, it’s something you can wear everyday. Imagine the looks you’ll get from people once they see you have forks on your feet!

But that’s just it — you have forks on your feet which, no matter how hard I try to dismiss it, seems a bit gross to me. I don’t know why, I’ve work forks bent into bracelet cuffs before but these forks as shoe embellishments don’t sit as well with me. Maybe it’s because I associate forks with food and food should never be on your feet or much less so close to the floors.

What I find amazing about this sandal though is that the metal fork? It’s actually not metal but gold patent leather. Isn’t it amazing how they made it look so much like a real metal fork? They probably could have put a real one on it but then realized how uncomfortable having a metal fork on your foot would be so they took the pains to make one out of patent leather.

Maybe that’s why this Moschino Cheap & Chic ‘Utensil’ sandal is priced at $375 which, like I said, isn’t cheap at all.

Want to make this sandal your next shoe? Shop for it at Nordstrom.

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