Would You Walk a Tightrope for These Naughty Monkey Tight Rope Wedge Pumps?

Here at Your Next Shoes, we love Naughty Monkey for their cute, fun and sometimes quirky shoe styles. Case in point, these Naughty Monkey Tight Rope wedge pumps which are hot and fresh from newest Fall 2011 arrivals over at Zappos.

Would you be willing to walk on a tightrope for these shoes?

If your answer is yes, well, you know that you don’t really have to! You can just head over to Zappos and purchase these cuties for $74.99.

Which color is your favorite? We gotta go with the chocolate because it kind of reminds us of a cupcake with chocolate stripes. Mmm… chocolate cupcakes…

On second thought, these shoes might become a bane to dieters because these will keep reminding you of food all the time! So note to those watching what they eat: you might want to go for the black or the rust color when purchasing these shoes.

in Chocolate

in Black

Naughty Monkey Tight Rope Wedge Pumps in Rust, $74.99 (Sold Out)

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