Smile Every Time You Look Down at These Opening Ceremony Julietta Lip

Putting little cutesy details like sequins, flowers and hearts is almost like a “cheat” to get us girls to like a pair of shoes, but I like how it’s done here on these Opening Ceremony ‘Julietta Lip’ flats.

The shoe itself is in a men’s loafer style so the heart detail balances out the masculinity. You also won’t fully see the heart design unless you look straight down on these shoes which I think is a nice subtle touch:

Opening Ceremony ‘Julietta Lip’ loafers, $308.00

Don’t these shoes remind you of the Christian Louboutin ‘Love’ flat shoes, aka the first pair of shoes Monsieur Louboutin himself  would save in a fire? Instead of the word ‘love”, these have hearts and I know I wouldn’t be able to help but smile every time I see these shiny coppery hearts on my feet.

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