Posh ‘Calcifer’ Flame Platform Sandals — On Fire or Put Them Out?

I’m sure I don’t need to tell Your Next Shoes readers which designer shoe this Posh ‘Calcifer’ sandal copied but if you need a refresher, check out the Prada flame and rocket sandals (also known as the shoes that set Spring 2012 on fire).

To be specific, ‘Calcifer’ is a knockoff the Prada flame sandal style seen on Fergie. This has the same flame design extending down and out from the back of the heel but instead of a wedge, it’s a stiletto-heeled sandal with a  thick 1 1/2″ front platform sole:

Posh ‘Calcifer’ flame platform sandals in black/red/gold, $66.00 (Sold Out)

Changing the wedge to a platform sandal is enough for me to consider the ‘Calcifer’ as NOT a total, blatant, 100% knockoff. We do love look-for-less alternatives here on YNS but sometimes, looking too much like the real thing can be a deterrent especially when we’re talking about a very easily recognized design such as the Prada flame sandals.

Posh ‘Calcifer’ flame platform sandals in black/red/gold

The Posh ‘Calcifer’ sandals look like they would be really fun to wear and if you’d let me indulge in a fan moment, I love that it bears the name of a character from one of my all-time favorite movies “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

Flame shoes are so of-the-moment that they could be considered too trendy. What do you think of the style of these Posh ‘Calcifer’ flame platform sandals — is it on fire or should it already be put out?

Shop for these sandals at the Sole Boutique at Karmaloop.

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