The Pretty Prinity from Zigi Girl: Definitely Your Next Pump

I have to admit, I am slowly becoming a hard core Zigi Girl fan. True, not all of their styles are exactly lust worthy, but you have to hand it to the brand (and whoever designs for it) because they offer some of the best looking shoes online. Take for instance, the new Prinity Pump:

Zigi Girl Prinity Pumps

It’s a busy print on print creation that is truly one of a kind. When you look at the Prinity, you first see a festive and girly floral pattern. But as you survey the back and the bottom, you’ll be met with a few surprises because the heel is covered in leopard (print) while the platform is wrapped in snake (print)! With those three contrasting motifs put together, you’d think it would turn ugly but lo and behold, the mix actually looks perfect!

zigi-girl-prinity6Zigi Girl Prinity Pumps, $105

What do you think, ladies? Don’t you just find this one utterly pretty? Granted, it’s probably not something you’d fashion this winter, but if you’re looking for your next set of fashionable pumps, the Prinity would be IT!

Aside from its unbelievably stylish shell, the Prinity also features a rounded toe, sky high heels of about 5.75 inches, and a platform thickness of 1.5 (inches), giving you an actual 4.25 inches to walk in. If you’re not used to teetering in stilts that high, then perhaps the Prinity is not for you. However, if you think you’re “well-heeled” enough to handle it, then feel free to shop for it in your size at HEELS. Enjoy your new shoes!

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